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The WTM Helsinki Centre is here to offer fellowship and support as you learn about and digest this extraordinary life-changing and world-saving explanation of the human condition.

We suggest the best way to start immersing yourself in this new paradigm of thought is to watch THE Interview on the homepage here, and Videos 1–4 & 14 that are freely available on the WTM’s website at You can also access other free books and presentations there, and subscribe to receive, via email, the Freedom Essay series. These essays (which are also available in audio form) cover, in short-form, all the main subjects in Jeremy’s definitive book, FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition.

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Please note, because we have limited resources of funds and volunteer staff we may not respond to questions or criticisms already prominently answered on the WTM’s comprehensive website at, where its many freely available books, essays and FAQs can be easily searched electronically.