About Henri Kynsilehto, founder of WTM Helsinki

Henri Kynsilehto portrait photo smiling

Henri Kynsilehto was born in Northern Finland, in Oulu, and lived there until he was 20 when he moved to Tampere in southern Finland to commence studies at the University of Tampere. After graduating with a Master of Science degree in philosophy, Henri undertook a degree in pedagogical studies in order to teach high school. Married with a teenage daughter, Henri lives in Hämeenlinna and works in Helsinki as a Machine Learning Engineer. He is a member of Finnish Union of University Researchers.

Henri is also a long-distance runner, hiker, and national championship medallist in freediving, and he speaks Finnish, English, Swedish, and some German.

“I have been searching my whole life. Reading stories as a child, religious texts of major religions and national epics in my adolescence, then turning on to philosophy via Plato and Nietzsche and on to academic philosophy and the sciences. Then some 30 years of ‘adult’ life with occasional reach-outs towards meaning and tryouts of various programmes. After watching the WTM’s videos and reading FREEDOM I know and feel that I have found something conclusive and consequential. Thank you WTM!”